QuickBooks Error - 6130

QuickBooks is one of the most well-liked accounting software which allows organizations or business to manage their finances, and other accounting features in an organized way. When you are getting Error Support under one roof so, why looking for other support. QuickBooks Error -6130 arises when your client or user wants to open QuickBooks Company file. Before opening the file from your server make sure to open it from QuickBooks company file where you have saved it.

What causes QuickBooks Error -6130 to occur?

  • When you try to open a company file in new version
  • Damage of company file
  • Damaged program files of QuickBooks Desktop
  • At the time of hosting your server name is been changed.
  • Restoring of backup from flash drive
  • Interrupted network connection

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error -6130?

Step 1: Switch your file to local hard drive

  • From your server drag and drop your file to local C: drive
  • From drive click to open file in QuickBooks
  • Next step is to create a file and again save it to C: drive
  • From there restore your file and save this to your server
  • Click on Close to exit from the company
  • Now, from your server, you can now open your company file.

Step 2: Renaming of .ND and .TLG files

  • Now, open the folder from where you have saved your company file
  • Double click on .ND files
  • Rename your .ND file
  • Add extension .OLD at the very last of any file name
  • Do it same for .TLG files also
  • Now, open your QuickBooks Company File

Step 3: New User is to be created

  • Click on Windows button either from keyboard or your PC
  • Select Control Panel
  • Choose User accounts Icon
  • Click on Create New User option
  • Choose Admin as per user type
  • Exit from your current user
  • Restart your computer
  • Login to new user created
  • Switch the company file to desktop
  • Open QuickBooks Company File

Step 4: Clean Installation is to be performed

  • Reinstall your QB
  • Update to the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Double click on QuickBooks desktop icon
  • Select Run as administrator
  • Make sure you are on the page of No Company screen
  • Select Update QuickBooks
  • Select Option tab
  • Choose Yes if you are able to view message of complete installation

Step 5: Recreation of Damaged Folder

  • Click on to create a anew folder on your local C: drive.
  • Open the folder where you have saved your company file
  • Search for .qbw file
  • Double click on .qbw file and choose Copy
  • Double click to Open a new folder and then paste your copied file
  • Set permissions for getting access to Windows

We really hope that the above detailed description will prove to be quite beneficial for you in resolving QuickBooks Error -6130. If you will read carefully these steps you will now be able to resolve QuickBooks Error -6130. We at QuickBooks Error Support provide a through tour of any errors related to QuickBooks and is always steadily available to guide you. If you really want us to fix your QuickBooks Error we request you to contact us. You are free to contact us at QuickBooks Error support or you can directly mail us at support@helpdeskaccounting.com

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