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If you are aware of QuickBooks, you must know how to install QuickBooks Desktop? In this blog post we will surely let you know about this to install QuickBooks Desktop. Once you are aware of how to install QuickBooks Desktop and how to open a company file, then it will be of very much use to you and your company. When QuickBooks Desktop is downloaded, follow the on screen instructions to install it:

Method 1: To get ready for the installation

  • First step is to check whether your system is meeting the requirement of QuickBooks Desktop
  • If you have not downloaded QuickBooks then download your latest version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Now, you have to save the file where you can easily locate it.
  • Have your product and license number handy.

Method 2: How to Install QuickBooks Desktop

  • Click on the file you downloaded to open
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Choose Next
  • Type your product and Licence Number
  • Click on Next

Method 3: Select the installation type you want to prefer

  • Express Install
  • Custom and Network Install

Method 4: Activate QuickBooks Desktop

We really expect that by now you will be able to install QuickBooks on your own for advanced functioning. If still faces error, you are free to contact QuickBooks Customer Care anytime. For more information feel free to contact us by dropping us an email at